The gem universe

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Tranquility over stress

The Macro

Lightning occurs when particles collide, creating an influx of negative charge that settles in the bed of a cloud. This creates a positive charge in the ground below, causing a giant spark between the sky and earth.

The Micro

Stress is a response to pressures in your daily life. An accumulation of stress, like an accumulation of negative charge in a cloud, can cause sparks in your body which manifests itself in an overproduction of the major stress hormones– adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine. When produced in excess, these hormones throw off the body's equilibrium putting you at risk for anxiety, weight gain, heart disease and low libido.

How do you get it?

Come back to your center with adaptogens. They act as a protective barrier against negative charges that stop the sparks that trigger stress hormone production before they even start. These neuroprotective plants interact with your central stress response systems to help manage increased levels of the major stress hormones.