We're a new kind of vitamin.

We need vitamins because our food system is broken and depleted of its full nutrient potential. But vitamins as they exist today are filled with more BS than truth. 

So we started with a few simple questions: Where do your vitamins come from? What do they look like? How are they built? What's inside of them? Who are they designed for? We believe these questions deserve better answers: one with real, clean and all women (including Mother Earth) in mind.

Our secret is algae.

GEM is part of our broader mission to democratize access to healthy and sustainable plants and change the way we nourish ourselves.

Our first plant love is algae – like Spirulina, Chlorella, and Astaxanthin. Carbon neutral and nutritionally-dense, algae does wonders for your body and our earth. Even NASA and the UN think so. 

Why Real?

Absorbs Slower
Slower, more effective metabolization of ingredients are easier to digest because nutrients are in whole, healthy food form.
Absorbs faster
Quicker release of ingredients and lack of necessary co-nutrients leads to ineffective absorption and difficult digestion.
We’re free of synthetic colorants & fillers, artificial ingredients, harmful derivatives, indigestible binders, added sugar, soy, corn, gluten, animal, dairy.
Capsules from cow skin? Vitamin D from sheep's wool? Titanium dioxide, PEG, mercury, pesticides, GMOs, parabens, gelatin. Yes, that's fl*!#ed-up.
GEM is from the ground-up, not the lab. Our beliefs: minimally processed, plants always, less is more, and algae whenever possible.
Don’t be fooled by the size of a capsule; it takes a whole lot of mumbo jumbo to trick your body into believing a vitamin is real.

Designed for Women, By Women

Women simply have different anatomies than men. Through obsessive research, our founder together with our lead scientific team identified the 15 nutrients women need most based off of common American diet deficiencies and ailments. From Vitamin D, Magnesium and Iron to Ashwagandha and Astaxanthin, GEM is more than your average multi-vitamin designed specially with women in mind.

GEM is the only daily multivitamin you need.

Meet our Founder

I’m not a rocket scientist. I’m simply a woman that has long been curious about our biological homes – our bodies and our earth. I’ve been perplexed by the things we’ve come so readily to accept in our daily health habits – synthetic fillers, artificial ingredients, toxic binders, sugary additives, and harmful junk. GEM was born out of both my frustration with our broken health system and my passion to find healthier ways to nourish ourselves and our planet. 

My mission to help women feel their best and my belief in the nutritional power of algae is the foundation of all GEM products.