Daily Energy

What it is: Your new multivitamin alternative. One comprehensive bite you eat, not take, with 15+ vitamins, minerals, and herbs from whole food sourced ingredients that your body absorbs. Each bite is uniquely designed to cover your nutritional bases and fill the gaps where you need it most.

Why you need this: Our clean energy, caffeine-free, bite is designed with supergreens, vitamin Bs, and ashwagandha for full body revitalization, mental clarity, and hair/skin/nail rejuvenation.

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Spirulina + magnesium + ashwagandha in our Daily Energy Essentials can help promote focus, balance and full-body clarity. All around life support in one bite.

• Energy support
• Skin, nail, and hair health
• Mood and stress support

Eat one bite in either the AM or PM. Store in a cool, dry place. GEM is shelf-stable and refrigeration is not required.

All GEM products are completely free of soy, gluten, dairy, and animal products. Our multibitamins do not contain nuts but they do contain coconut (a treenut). Please note that while our multibitamins are processed on shared equipment with allergens such as nuts and wheat, the equipment is sanitized in between use to eliminate cross-contamination. If you are severely allergic to an allergen such as nuts or wheat, please consume GEM at your discretion.