The Trial Trio Pack—built for you

The Trial Trio Pack

Discover your favorite. Try all three flavors of GEM with the Trial Trio Pack.

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Rooted in Nature,
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Your daily nutritional needs in the form your body understands: real food.

Daily detoxification and phytonutrients assist in natural cellular regeneration. Diversified sources of key co-nutrients and essentials give you a boost.Powerful antioxidants, omega 3s, and flavonoids support your brain function.Neuroprotective adaptogens equalize hormones for improved stress response.BEAUTYENERGYCLARITYBALANCE Neuroprotective adaptogens equalize hormones for improved stress response.Powerful antioxidants, omega 3s, and flavonoids support your brain function.Diversified sources of key co-nutrients and essentials give you a boost.Daily detoxification and phytonutrients assist in natural cellular regeneration. BALANCECLARITYENERGYBEAUTY


Pick your flavor

Taste test 5 bites each of Lemon, Peppermint and Cacao and decide your favorite.

You’re in control

Swap flavors or receive your first tin sooner by texting “Modify Order” to (415) 340-6085.

It’s GEM Time

Unless we hear from you we’ll automatically ship a tin of Lemon bites 25 days after your purchase.

We're here for you

Reach us at if you ever need extra support & cancel anytime.


Samaria L. says:

“At first I tried the cacao flavor which I wasn’t crazy about but was happy to be getting the benefits from all of the goodness this vitamin packs. Then I switched to the lemon flavor which is super refreshing and now enjoy every bite of these and love how good they make me feel.”


Aimee S. says:

“Just got the chocolate two days ago and I love the flavor, moisture level and texture! I already feel as though I haven’t had my odd junk food cravings. I take it at night before work and it seems to balance my appetite already.”


Magdalena P. says:

“[GEM] vitamins are the best kind I could ever imagine! I can’t wait to take one square every single morning. Peppermint is delicious but I just like all of them. I feel great, my skin glows and I am a happy person now. I really recommend it and will order the vitamins as long as it is possible.”

Because we value curiosity

Choose the schedule and flavor that work best for you. If you’ve tried all three flavors and are ready to receive more, simply login to your online account or text our SMS service at (415) 340-6085 to update your shipment or swap your flavor. If you need additional support, we’re available at

Great question! We want to ensure you have enough time to enjoy your bites and make your flavor choice without being rushed. With the 25 day default, you can push your shipment sooner if you’re ready to go. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the full 25 days before your next shipment.

GEM’s essential nutrients start working straight away to boost energy, decrease inflammation, improve mood and stress, offer beauty benefits and more. Consistency is key, and with daily use, you’ll start to feel & see benefits within a few weeks. With continued use, you’ll reap the full benefits of GEM within 3 to 4 months.

Curry Leaves
Pumpkin Seeds
Red Algae
Chia Seeds
Sea Minerals

Cancellation is easy! You can cancel at any time by logging into your online account through our homepage, or texting into our SMS Concierge service. Learn more here.

Just as GEM is free from hidden ingredients and fillers, we’re also free from hidden fees. We believe in transparency, and the price you see is the price you pay, and shipping is always free!