Meet the GEM Customer

of our customers enjoy
GEM in the morning
of our customers notice a
decrease in brain fog
of our customers mix up their
with each shipment
of our customers have more
energy during the day
of our customers feel more
in tune with their body

Why People Consider GEM

health goal is balancing
mood and stress
wanted a cleaner alternative
to the standard multi-vitamin
wanted to incorporate
more greens into their diet
wanted a vitamin that met
their dietary restrictions
wanted to improve their
energy levels

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What our customers have to say

Lanie P.

“I love everything about these vitamins. Peppermint is my favorite and since I started GEM I gave up all the other supplements since GEM has everything I need. I’m going on 3 months now and I have no intention of stopping!”

Jane W.

“I’ve never been big on vitamins + supplements because…they don’t work. Instead, I’ve always relied on food for nutrients. But there are times, inevitably, when you can’t get everything you need from what you eat. That’s where GEM comes in, for me at least. It’s a functional food, not a pill, and that’s what makes it so innovative.”

Tatiana V.

“I’ve only tried the peppermint flavor and I have to say it’s better at the beginning. It’s not a very strong or fake peppermint flavor, but you can taste it…and I’ve become a little sick of it. But I just signed up for the cacao flavor so I can’t wait to try it and switch things up, which is great that they offer the ability to switch flavors at any time, and skip any months. I LOVE the texting service, it’s so genius and EASY!!! I wish more companies would follow this model.”

Elisa R.

“Since taking GEM for a full month I don’t think I’ll ever take any other ‘vitamin.’ I have more energy throughout the day and don’t feel a need to take a midday nap on my days off. I have more mental clarity, which has been great for my busy work schedule and raising an incredibly energetic 4 year old daughter. Plus, they taste great, so I don’t forget to take them because it’s like eating a treat for breakfast. My skin looks clearer and I feel better all around. Thank you, GEM!”

Serina S.

“I’ve been taking GEM for the past three months and can honestly say I look forward to it every day. There was nothing in my arsenal of supplements I was able to commit to taking consistently before GEM. Now, at least I know I’ve done one thing right in my day! I started with Cacao and am going to try Peppermint for a few months. I love mine with morning coffee, as a fast breaker, or sweet tooth satisfier. I highly recommend GEM to anyone looking for a burst of daily nutrition that’s unforgettable. Thanks GEM family!”

In the Press

“This anti-vitamin is the only
thing that’s ever gotten me to
take my vitamins.”

“GEM takes food-based
to the next level.”

“GEM is shaking up the vitamin
industry with a new shape, transparent ingredients and real food.”

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