Vitamins you eat, not take

GEM is your daily dose of healthy. Nutrient-rich bites your body can actually absorb.

Complex science meets simple nutrition

Each bite is uniquely designed with whole food ingredients tailored to what you need most to feel good. Designed to eat daily, each GEM bite works great alone and even better together.

  • Energy + Clarity
  • Mood + Digestion
  • Calm + Restore

Daily Essentials


Made with only natural ingredients and 15+ key vitamins to help mood, focus, energy, and healthy skin.

What we have that others don’t:

Stamina Builder
Natural Detoxifier
Antioxidant Booster
Stress Fighter

Immunity Essentials


Our Immune Essentials provide support for whole body immunity and digestion in a powerful daily bite.

What we have that others don’t:

Immune Cell Primer
Inflammation Fighter
Gut Promoter
Digestion Supporter

Sleep Essentials


All-natural, non-habit forming bites that help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day.

What we have that others don’t:

Valerian root
Sleep Supporter
Calm Cultivator
Stress Reducer
Body Relaxer

Can’t decide which bite to try? Sample all 3.

Can’t decide which bite? Try all 3 with the Essentials Sampler Kit.

Three 5-bite packs for 15 days of nourishment, all in one convenient bundle.

“ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ”

- Hippocrates

Our philosophy is simple: Food is medicine.

By nourishing with sustainable, plant-based ingredients, we're transforming the health of our community and our planet.

Helping you feel your best is better health for all.

Our products never contain:

  • Animal products + byproducts
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Artificial colorants
  • Unnecessary binders & fillers

Feeling good feels good

A personalized subscription that works for you.

Text reminders before delivery
Skip, pause, cancel anytime
Seamlessly delivered to your door

What our customers are saying:

Daily Essentials
Su-hwei D.

“It’s the ‘daily vitamin’ I always wanted but never found. Whole food, natural ingredients, and additional goodness are all important to me.”

Immunity Essentials
Joe P.

“I’ve always leaned on immunity supplements like Vitamin C but these taste better and contain a broader spectrum of useful ingredients.”

Sleep Essentials
Nora M.

“The sleep bites are AMAZING! I have been getting the best sleep and wake up feeling so refreshed! I have already recommended them to so many people.”

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You Are Your Greatest Curiosity

We believe in the constant investigation and exploration within to discover the science and nutrients that help you feel your best.

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