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I'm Sara, founder of GEM.

After an intense bout of breakouts, adrenal fatigue, and severe inflammation, I discovered I was simply not getting the right nutrition. Though I've always been a considerably health-conscious person, I just didn’t feel good.

In my quest for health, I turned to superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and started cobbling together these complicated, super nutrient-dense powder and smoothie routines built on unprocessed fruits & vegetables. I felt better, but my wallet didn’t. Not to mention it was a daily adventure that was incredibly time consuming and, frankly, unpalatable. 

Defeated, I turned to the supplement aisle, but found that vitamins (as they exist today) are filled with more BS than truth. More filler than substance. It was nauseating both literally and figuratively.

The concept of a multivitamin—one easy health habit to fill the gaps—made sense to me. But the solutions out there today are completely outdated, and not to mention completely processed. Why do we question the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, but not our vitamins? How has the composition of the multivitamin remained the same over the past 60 years when our environment and health issues have changed so drastically? With more stressors than ever before and a depleted food system, who are these vitamins even catering to? I wanted a way to combine the ease of a multivitamin with the nutrient density and purity of my bizarre superfood concoctions. 

So I set out to create my own health solution. One that combined the ancient wisdom of food is medicine with modern science to actually meet our modern lifestyle demands. One that was built more affordable and cleaner for humans and our planet. 

I assembled a team of scientists, herbalists, functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and biochemists, and obsessively researched the common nutrients women need most in America based on average deficiencies in our diet and the issues that plague us, such as hormonal imbalances and environmental stressors, inflammation, metabolism, and fatigue. We then had to figure out a way to compress whole foods into one bite of complete nutrition. Of course, it had to taste good too. We scoured the globe to find farmers, suppliers, and partners that could offer us the most nutrient-dense sources of food. Then we  got to work building a new kind of vitamin from the ground-up. 

After spending countless hours in the kitchen with hundreds of different ingredients, we finally narrowed it down to 13 plants that combined to give more than 15 different vitamins, minerals and herbs and 100+ phytonutrients. Iron from curry leaves, vitamin D from mushrooms, potent antioxidants from red algae, detoxifying compounds from chlorella. All the nutrition you need in one daily, chewable bite. 

The science behind GEM is simple: minimally processed and sustainably sourced whole foods. By using whole plants and algae, we designed a bite that has the cofactors and co-nutrients to help your body absorb nutrients best, in the way your body knows best: real food.

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