The gem universe

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Your energy is a vibration

The Macro

Energy is in everything. Expressed in light, mass, heat and movement, energy is in a state of constant transformation and exchange. Defined as the ability to work— the earth needs different sources of energy to keep things flowing as they should.

The Micro

You have over 37.2 trillion cells living inside of you. If you are the universe, your cells are the stars. These cells have very specific nutrition requirements in order to function. It is only when these nutritional needs are met, that they can produce energy and eliminate toxins from the body. Stars burn out when they’ve exhausted their nuclear fuel (a non-renewable energy source), but unlike the stars your cells can create the energy you need as long as you have a well-rounded nutrient profile.

How do you get it?

Your cell’s nuclear fuel is nutrition. Things like aging, overly processed foods, and a polluted environment are all working against your cells, making it difficult to absorb the daily nutrients you need from food to maintain your energy levels. With consistent daily consumption of the essentials you need, you can repair damaged cells and get them functioning at their peak performance.