I started GEM because, in short, I believe our health deserves better. I believe our food system has been designed with someone and something else in mind.

Our food today is over-farmed and over-processed. Starved of its nutrient potential, we’ve resorted to an unregulated supplement industry that made billions telling women that in order to feel good they need to try this diet and that diet, cleanse this and skinnier that.

But times are changing – and so should be the way we nourish ourselves.

We set out to create an entirely new way to nourish our body. Starting with radically redefining an important daily health habit that has epitomized nutrition: vitamins.

Why do we take vitamins? What should they look like? What is it made of? How should it make us feel?

Years of questioning and mythbusting led me to four key beliefs in which GEM is built upon: 

  1. We believe vitamins should be treated as a holistic solution to diversify and complete our nutrition, not as a reductionist band-aid to support a failing health system. (That's why GEM provides 15+ nutrient essentials, not extras.)
  2. We believe vitamins should exist in the form of real nutrient-dense food we deliciously eat and better digest, not as synthetic frills and artificial fluff wrapped in colorful formats we nauseatingly swallow and trick our body to absorb. (That's why GEM is made of 13 real foods.)
  3. We believe vitamins should be made with clean, sustainable plants that nourish Mother Earth, not with harsh chemical byproducts and overly processed plants that destroy her. (That's why GEM is made mostly of algae, one of the most sustainable plant systems.)
  4. We believe vitamins should make our minds and bodies feel good to raise us up, not beat us down. Because a healthier, empowered womankind is better for all of us. (That's why GEM is built for women.)

It's time to redesign a healthier future for all women, including Mother Earth.

With Love,
Sara, Founder of GEM

P.S. Gents, we hope you read this, too