Sustainable Packaging Has Launched!

At GEM we are passionate about your health and the earth. That’s why we’ve worked hard to roll out a new and improved sustainable packaging system that reduces our collective carbon footprint while looking good on your counter.

Your first shipment of GEM comes in a recyclable welcome box complete with the new refillable tin. After that, you’ll receive compostable refill packs in reusable eco bubble mailers. Just refill your tin and compost your pack. It’s as easy as that!


Let’s talk about plastic. Consumer packaging accounts for 20% of the waste in landfills, but is it enough to simply recycle?

While recycling is a great start, ditching plastic is even better. Plastic usage has risen exponentially over the last 50 years, and plastic recycling hasn’t been able to keep up. Currently, only 9% of all plastic is recycled, and 50% of all plastic can only be recycled once in its lifecycle--so what are we to do?

We said bye to plastic jars, and hello to our new refillable tin.

Unlike plastic, metal can be recycled an infinite number of times without degrading its quality, and with metal in limited supply, steel tins, aluminum cans and other metal objects are recycled more frequently than any other packaging material.

Our new tin is sleek and minimally designed, with a special double lid for maximum freshness. Beneath the dome top, you’ll find our airtight shield which keeps your bites as deliciously soft and chewy as the first day you received them.

The shrink bands we use on the tins are made from regenerated cellulose. This cellulose is derived from the natural wood-pulp of fast-growing softwood trees, and the material is non-toxic and is recyclable. When discarded, they bio-degrade even faster than paper!

Next up lets talk about our new resealable refill and sample pouches. Crafted from 60% renewable plant-based resources that break down into healthy compost, the outer layers are made of cellulose derived from wood pulp, while the interior film features an additive that allows it to degrade nearly 200x faster than traditional plastic packaging. 

This type of change is very hard for small businesses like ours to adopt. Since large companies haven't yet prioritized sustainability, many packaging companies have yet to join the eco-movement. We searched high and low and either found options that were 1. recyclable options that you had to bring to a grocery store (not home recyclable), 2. massively inflated price points, or 3. extremely high minimum order quantities. We are so proud and excited that we were able to find a solution that works for our business and the environment. 

Let's all work together to reduce plastic, and make our planet a healthier, happier place—one tin at a time!

Feel confident knowing that with each purchase, you will receive packaging that is: Refillable✔️ Recyclable✔️ Compostable✔️