#dailyroutine Lauren Breiding

We had the pleasure of chatting with Lauren Breiding, a Los Angeles based Clean Living Consultant, working to help her clients switch their beauty, home, and cleaning products to safer options.  

Q: How do you GEM?

I GEM in the afternoons. It’s like a treat I look forward to throughout the day that curbs any cravings. I am actually eating my bite right now!


Q: What gives you energy?

I am a true extrovert, so being around people. That includes people that are already in my life and meeting, supporting and collaborating with new people. Also, doing work that excites me! Like many of you, I have a few different hustles to pay the bills, but as my Detox Me Tuesday platform has grown, I have found that I am immediately filled with energy every time I work it.


Q: How do you relieve stress?

Sometimes it’s allowing myself to turn off and say “that work can wait until tomorrow.” Other times it is a short break to get my mind on track and then returning to work ready to tackle it. Getting things done always makes me feel at ease. In both situations, it is being kind to myself.


Q: What beauty product can you not live without?

Beautycounter Touchup Concealer Pen. This is a miracle worker for both under eyes and any blemishes. It allows me to wear minimal foundation while still brightening all the right areas. Not to mention it’s completely safe! Pro tip: Get a shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten under the eyes and get a shade that matches your skin tone (usually just one shade darker) for covering up blemishes/scars. For reference, I use Fair and Light.

Q: How do you stimulate your mind outside of work?

I am always learning! I love going to events and soaking up information everywhere I can.


Q: What is the one thing about non-toxic living that you want people to know about?

Don’t try to make your home perfect overnight. So many people (especially new moms) feel so talked down to regarding their personal decisions that they decide to give up before they have even started. Be compassionate with yourself and have grace. If what is already in your home is too overwhelming, focus on what you are bringing into your home as products run out. Be proud of each and every switch to safer you make!  

 Lauren hosted a Facebook Live in our GEM Women group to share her top tips on making the switch to non-toxic, clean products. You can watch it here!

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