#dailyroutine Kaitlin Mogentale of Pulp Pantry

We sat down with our fellow Boss Babe, Kaitlin, the Founder and Chief Pulper at Pulp Pantry to learn more about her daily routine. 


Q: How do you GEM?

I eat two a day. Whoops, I said it… Sometimes two at once. My body craves them. I’m vegan and can use that extra nutrition boost -- that’s my excuse.

Q: What gives you energy?

Hiking, rollerblading (yes) and reconnecting with nature is a huge one. Taking a step out of the daily grind to reconnect with what inspired me to take the leap and start a business. Otherwise, on a daily basis, I’m drinking a lot of cacao and maca infused elixirs.

Q: How do you relieve stress?

Meditation, and lots of adaptogens. Placebo or not, I take ashwagandha almost daily, along with a mix of mushrooms and other elixir experiments. It’s fun to experiment, and it’s become a daily self-care routine that’s a meditation in of itself.

Q: What is one easy hack people can do to reduce food waste?

I love my food processor -- you can use it to ‘rice’ the stalks and stems of all of your veggies including broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and make a delicious stir fry. Otherwise, freezing veggies to use in your smoothies. Some of our friends use frozen cauliflower in smoothies, I use a lot of my stalks and stems in smoothies. There are so many ways to get creative!

Q: Where do you currently go for inspiration?

Camping anywhere always refuels my creativity. But if I can’t get away, I go to events like Pasadena Art Center student showcase, local musical acts, comedy shows, places where people exhibit ingenuity and the endless possibilities in humanity.

Q: In a few sentences can you describe the big movement towards “circular economies” and how what you’re building fits into it?

Don’t get me started!!

Okay, do.

There is so much inefficiency in our food system and our consumption models today. Only 9% of resources that are consumed in our economy get recycled back for better uses -- the rest becomes waste. We exist in a linear model of consumption currently, namely “Take → Make → Waste.” Nearly 40% of food that is produced in the U.S. goes to waste. With it, so do the land, water, fuel, labor and other resources that were used to grow our food.

Pulp Pantry takes the viewpoint that we could better feed the world with sustainable and nutritious food using existing resources. We’ve zeroed in on urban waste streams, in which only 2% of the total nutrients in food by-products and organics are recycled back into consumables for humans, animals or soil.

How the heck are we going to feed 9 billion people by 2050? It’s not going to be with a business-as-usual scenario. We need to recirculate valuable resources, like juice pulp, back into the economy to more efficiently, equitably, and sustainably feed people.


Try Pulp Pantry for yourself! It's the GEM teams all-time favorite granola!