#dailyroutine Carolyn Witte, CEO & Co-Founder of Tia

Tia is the next generation of women's healthcare that's innovating the way women receive wellness for their whole person. We sat down with the revolutionary female behind Tia, Carolyn Witte, to hear more about her daily routine. 

We are excited to celebrate the opening of the Tia Clinic-- NYC's first modern gynecology and wellness practice for women. Stop by and you'll spot GEM on their shelves. 

Q: How do you GEM?

First thing in the AM! Pre-workout (it’s the perfect energy boost) or paired with coffee!

Q: What gives you energy?

Seeing Tia patients happy! There is nothing more energizing and fulfilling than seeing the human impact of the work you are doing.

Q: How do you relieve stress?

More often than not, I destress with my girlfriends. We know from stress researchers that women experience and deal with stress differently than men — unlike men, we “tend and befriend” to de-stress and deactivate our stress pathways. This research explains why I more often than not, prefer a Friday night with my best friends and a bottle of wine vs. solo time (though carving out time for a yoga class and to journal is important for me to stay sane, too!).

Q: What inspired you to bring healthcare back into the hands of a woman?

I started Tia after going through my own frustrating series of women’s healthcare issues in my early 20s that left me fed up with healthcare not being designed for women — lacking soul, lacking personalization, and lacking solutions to make and keep me healthy. Quickly after we launched our first product, the Tia women’s health advisor app, I realized that my experience was not the exception but the norm, and that to put healthcare back into the hands of women, we needed to build a whole new model of care from the ground up — with real women’s voices, wants, experiences and needs at the center of it.

Q: For you, why is empathy so crucial in the realm of healthcare and your relationship with your gyno/doctor?

At Tia, we believe that women want someone, not something to manage their health. Your health is personal, and for obvious reasons, important. The current healthcare system all too often trivializes and commoditizes the decisions women make with respect to their health. To change that — to create a new model that gives individual women the agency to make independent and informed decisions for their own bodies and lives, with confidence — starts first and foremost, with compassionate listening. When women feel heard, feel seen by their healthcare providers, they can demand the care they deserve.


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