90 Day Renewal Challenge

Did you know that 40% of your actions are actually subconscious habits? 

Habits are a collection of behaviors that help you be more efficient, and in order to create positive habits, you must identify your cue, set a routine, and identify a reward. For your health, it’s long term daily habits that can go deep, down to a cellular level. 

GEM’s 90 Day Renewal Challenge will help you connect with your body and discover the rewards of good health. All you have to do is take your GEM bites daily! 

During the challenge, you’ll learn about your body and the amazing things it can accomplish while tracking your progress and encouraging positive daily habits just make sure you’re keeping up to date with our emails which will go out weekly.

In our email, we’re covering our 4 main benefit pillars: Energy, Clarity, Beauty, and Balance. 

What if you could keep your body in a constant state of regeneration? What if every day was the best day ever? What if you could protect your nervous system from oxidative damage? We’ll dig into topics like these and more!

To keep you accountable, you’ll fill out a brief 3-5 question form at the end of every month. This will help you stay on track, populate your personalized report, and unlock your free gifts. 


Members join free, just check sign up by heading to our Challenge Homepage! Not a member? Purchase our Quarterly Membership ($18 savings) and get automatically enrolled.


You’ll receive an educational digest on GEM’s key benefits and how they relate to you and your body. Consider this your weekly reminder to keep curious.


We’ll check in on your progress by asking you a few questions at the end of every month. You’ll be rewarded with a special gift for your responses. 


At the end of the challenge, we’ll use your responses to compile your personalized progress report.

It’s time to rethink your nutrition and get curious about your body.


Month 1: Free Tin

Month 2: Tote Bag

Month 3: Surprise Gift

By incorporating GEM into your daily health habits, you’ll begin to rethink the way we nourish ourselves and feel the difference from the inside out. Reset your body on a cellular level in just 90 days. One bite a day, every day. 

If you have any questions about the 90 Day Renewal Challenge, email us at hello@dailygem.co